Michael Lieb—Professor Emeritus of the University of Chicago and author of Children of Ezekiel: Aliens, UFOs, the Crisis of Race, and the Advent of End Time (1998) offered a riveting review of UFOs And The Nation Of Islam. Below are excerpts of his review from October 24, 2013  “The book is replete with new information and original insights. Among these is the Japanese connection, which I became aware of only after the publication of Children of Ezekiel.” “I was most impressed with your ability to deal with Arabic, as well as biblical Hebrew (which I do know). News to me is the contemporary concerns (newspaper accounts, etc.) with the Wheel and such events as the Battle of Los Angeles, among other insights. You expertly treat both the destructive and regenerative dimensions of the Wheel, an important, if not essential motif, as I explored the subject in Children.” “I wish you had written this book more than a decade earlier so that I might have had access to it is insights (and sources).”” - Michael Lieb, Professor Emeritus UIC

— Online Review

Amazon Customer Reviews – 5 Stars Across The Board! Readers from Amazon.com have offered their reviews and the results are astonishing! Below are a few customer excerpts.   Demetrius: “The author of this book has done an excellent job in showing the relationship between the obscure topic of UFOs with classical religious tradition and the quest for racial justice in America.”   S. Abdullah: “This book makes the Bible history and prophecy all the more real in my mind (for today).”   Roderick: “This book is a Must for those that are interested in the so called UFO Phenomenon.”   Thomas: “Wow, what a powerful book! This sums up all the truth behind the "UFO" phenomenon!”   Matt: “Great book, very well researched. It provides an enlighting insight into the UFO subject matter.”   Shanaye: “This book is a real page turner! It answers many of the burning questions about UFOs.”   Shawn: “I did not know what to expect but this is a very scholarly work. It is clear and concise. This author put a lot of time and research into this project and he has made me a believer.”   Christal: “My husband loved this as a gift!”   Click here to see full customer reviews on Amazon. To obtain your full copy of UFOs And The Nation Of Islam: The Source, Proof, And Reality Of The Wheels, visit Nation Brothers’ online store or purchase directly from Amazon.” - Customer Reviews


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